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1285 Solartron Analytical


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In the electro-chemical research sector, Solartron has established a dominance for offering dependable impedance analysis equipment of the highest standard. The incorporation of the 1285 edition of Potentiostat gives professional scientists in DC electro-chemistry, the advantages of Solartron's unrivaled technology in a complete and economic package. The 1285 merges the Solartron analyzing hardware with the well-known CorrWare interface for Windows™software.
In an association with a standard PC, a comprehensive range of DC analyzing methods and processes can be applied with clarity of operation. Complicated experiments can be established, preserved and repeated at the click of a mouse. By utilizing the scanner facility, multiple sequences can be repeated indefinitely with no interruption. Information can be measured in a variety of display formats, and calculation of corrosion rates employing the automated Tafel curve fit routine is possible.