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Level controller
0.4 - 12 m Solid Applied Technologies Ltd.

SmartScan50 is a non-contact level meter with five SPDT relays for pump control.
The relays may be configured for level, distance, flow, volume and totalization modes. Both Open and Close states can be configured. Close and Open values can be set independently.

SmartScan50 comes in an AC powered model or a DC powered model.
Measurement range is up to 12 meters suitable for tanks, sumps, wells and more.
A large control and display unit allows fast and user-friendly interface for programming the unit.

Two sensor material options may be selected: either Ploypropylene or PVDF for extra chemical resistance.

SmartScan sensors may be selected for operation in explosive atmospheres (appropriate for ATEX zone 1).

SmartScan50 is a level meter from Solid Applied Technologies, a leading manufacturer of ultrasonic level meters.


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