Ultrasonic level sensor / for liquids / for tanks
0.15 - 8 m, 6 - 26", 4 - 20 mA, HART, USB, PVDF, IP68 Solid Applied Technologies Ltd.


  • Technology:


  • Measured material:

    for liquids

  • Applications:

    for tanks


Multifunctional rotator Grant bio PS-M3D is sized perfectly to facilitate personal use. It facilitates operations that require mixing in flasks, petri dishes, dishes and boxes. 3D rotation facilitates long wave motion for large particles mixing and reciprocal 3D rotation to facilitate medium & long wave motion for medium & large particles mixing. Vibration for short wave motion is most suitable for mixing of small particles.

Continuous or timed operations may be set for all actions. Absolute operational flexibility can be facilitated by linking the individual phases together. Rotation speed is 5-30 rpm, reciprocal 3D rotation is 1°-360° turning angle and vibration is 1°-6° turning angle. It is programmable in a short span of 1-5seconds. It has fully programmable sequence of 1kg load functions. It is very user friendly because of simple set up of multiple segment programs through push buttons and 2 line status LCD display.


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