MMA welding machine / AC / automatic
SO 100 SOLO Swiss & BOREL Swiss


  • Technique:


  • Power source:


  • Operational mode:


  • Power:

    8000 W


Product Description

Application: For delicate equipment, jewellery instruments, clock mechanisms, electronic omponents, cutlery radio, TV, optics.
Description: Electronically controlled fine welding machine guaranteeing regular eproducibility of pulses.
Can be used to assemble various parts before definitive brazing by furnace or flame, removing the need for complicated setting up. Can also be used for definitive welding. Hand-held easy-touse electrode for rapid and precise work, without complicated setting up.
Advantages: Simple and safe to use, does not require skilled personnel. Model SO 100-256 (tripple the power of model SO 100-128) can be used to assemble most parts in silver. Easy
to adapt to all automatic systems for mass production. Fine adjustment system to adapt the pulses to each type of part. Adjustable welding time. Highly sensitive mobile trigger pedal.
30 recordable welding programs.
Characteristics: Voltage 1 x 230 VAC.


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