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Belt conveyor furnace
SOLO Swiss Group

Conveyor belt furnace

Tempering - Brazing - Brazing of precious metals or stainless steel - Annealing - Hardening of stainless steel with 13% of chromium - Overhardening - Sintering - Recrystallization

Technical data
Temperature up to 1150°C
Useful width of the belt: from 100 to 800 mm
Useful height : from 45 to 200 mm
Heated lenght: from 800 to 8000 mm
Material: steel, stainless steel, copper, precious metals
Atmospheres: Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Air, Argon, Cracked ammonia, N2+H2 mixture, Endothermic gas

Process control and supervision by our partner AXRON Swiss Technology (

Options & accessories
Gas mixer
Ammonia crackers
Pressure reducer
Water cooler
Supervision with PC


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