bellows suction cup / multi-function / rubber / silicone
SR series Sommer-Technik



  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    multi-function, rubber, silicone, vacuum

  • Diameter:

    Min.: 7 mm

    Max.: 62 mm


Sommer-Technik presents Series SR bellow suction cups. Wrinkles, which are usually unpopular, are a necessity on suction cups. The wrinkles correct any height deviations and provide excellent adaptability. The suction cup has "Z" stroke, which which makes any additional stroke cylinder as redundant.

The bellowed suction cups provide several material options. These include black NBR Perbunan with oil resistance or white transparent silicone with food safety. Also available is a natural rubber option having smooth consistency such as 45 Shore, which is particularly useful for irregular, challenging surfaces. The suction cups are pushable onto adapters or vacuum ejectors with ease.

The blue model HT is made of high temperature material. It does not keep any imprints behind and is ideal for plastics, oily surfaces, and absorbent items such as stone and wood.

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