atomizing nozzle / for liquids / compressed air / compact
ZK - KOPF Sommer-Technik



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    for liquids, compressed air

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Good things come in small packages

Often there is not a whole lot of space available inside machines, which can cause technicians a lot of headaches - especially if a lubricating system has to be retrofitted.
The compact design of this atomizer (18 x 30 x 15 mm - without fittings) makes it suitable for use in even the tightest spaces.

How it works:
The fluid hose is either laid into a pressure-free tank or connected. The atomizer should always be fixed a little above the maximum fluid level in the tank. With compressed air applied, the atomizer will instantly start to spray (a built-in check valve in the hose prevents the fluid level from dropping too fast). The atomizer can be actuated either permanently or on a cycle base by a control unit (e.g. BA) – but always in well-metered quantities.
The fluid is properly and economically fed into the centre of the air stream.
With the air and fluid choke (see picture) the amount of air and fluid is finely adjustable.