atomizing nozzle / for water / nickel-plated brass
ZMAX Sommer-Technik



  • Function:


  • Media:

    for water

  • Material:

    nickel-plated brass


When it comes to suctioning and spraying as much fluid as possible, this atomizer is just the right one. It is ideal for scent spraying lines, water humidifying units indoors, or for direct irrigation e.g. of wood. An uncomplicated, functional atomizer.
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Technical data:
Material: Anodized aluminum; nickel-plated brass
Operating pressure: 2 - 8 bar
Operating temperature: -25 °C...+80 °C
Viscosity range: 1 - 300 mm2/sec. at 20 °C
Spray angle: 30°
Max. air cons. at 6 bar: 200 l norm./min.
Sound level: 88 dB