lubricating gun / manual / pneumatic
OS series Sommer-Technik



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- For environmentally safe and targeted lubrication

Targeted lubrication in hard to access locations… often only a single drop of oil is needed in the right spot.
The oil gun sprays with precision up to a distance of 1 m (depending on viscosity and pulse frequency). Its area of application – wherever there is little space and cleanliness is a must.
Each drop reaches its target. So, lubricating can be economical and free of health hazards (without oily mist).

Viscosity: 10 - 150 mm2/sec. (medium oils)
without adhesives, without solids.
Operating temperature: -25 °C...+80 °C
Max. clock speed: 160/min. (measured at a viscosity of
150 mm2/sec.)

Model with Viton-seals,
Order-No: OS-BP/V, OS-BP4,5/V