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Insulation resistance tester
max. 2.5 kV | MIC-2500 SONEL S.A.

The MIC-2500 is a small, portable meter for measuring the insulation resistance of electrical and telecommunication installations, cables, transformers, motors, machines and other devices. The measuring voltage can be programmed with 10V step. The instruments can measure both: the insulation resistance in a very wide range 50k..1,1T (1100G) and the leakage current of the insulation. All the test results can be stored in the internal memory and send to a computer via serial interface. The meters are supplied with Ni-Cd batteries and charger as standard.

Insulation resistance measurement:
- test voltage selection between 50..2500V,in 10V intervals,
- on-line insulation resistance measurement or leakage current,
- automatic discharge of tested object’s capacitance after measurement of insulation resistance,
- acoustic determination of 5 seconds time intervals that facilitates to take time characteristics during insulation resistance measurement,
- measured T1,T2 and T3 test times for one or two absorption measurements selected from the range between 1..600 seconds,
- indicator of the actual test voltage value during a measurement,
- protection against live objects.
Low voltage resistance measurement:
- quick acoustic signalling (beeper) for circuit resistance below 50Ω. AC/DC voltage measurement in range 0..600V.
Memory for 999 measurement results with an ability to transfer the data to a PC.
Powered by rechargeable battery pack:
- included with the device an external power supply for automatic battery charging to ensure prolonged battery life and optimal working conditions,
- battery status indicator.
Meter meets the requirements of the standard EN 61557.


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