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Measuring device / insulation resistance / portable
max. 2.5 kV | MIC-2500 SONEL S.A.


  • Measured value:

    insulation resistance

  • Other characteristics:



The small, portable MIC-2500 meter measures insulation insulation resistance of telecommunication and electrical installations, cables, transformers, motors, machines among other devices. The measuring voltage is programmed with a 10V step. The instruments measure insulation resistance in the range of 50k to 1.1T (1100G) and leakage current of the insulation. The test results are sent to a computer through the means of a serial interface and stored in the internal memory as well. The meters by default come with Ni-Cd batteries and a charger. Test voltage selection between 50..2500V, in 10V intervals is how insulation resistance measurement is done. There is automatic discharge of the object's capacitance once insulation resistance has been measured. There are measured T1, T2 and T3 test times that are present for one or two absorption measurements.


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