air bubble detector / gas / for liquids



  • Detected entity:

    air bubble

  • Application:


  • Other characteristics:

    for liquids


The SONOCHECK ABD07 miniaturized air bubble sensor is designed to offer excellent price-performance ratio. The compact sensor detects air bubbles at tubes and follows the trend for miniaturization and meets various requirements of customer. The sensors are extensively used to monitor bubbles in fluids, for wet/dry alarm notifications and serves as liquid level sensors. The sensor sensitivity of the sensors depends on the type of application.

The module comes with unique software for configuration and testing of sensor. The software also enables to specify from which size upwards air or gas bubbles needs to be detected. The air-in-line sensors are designed to automatically adapt to dynamically changing acoustic conditions. This enables superior measurement stability irrespective of fluctuations in the surrounding environment. The company also manufactures customer-specific solutions. ABD07 finds application in dialysis and transfusions, heart-lung machines, blood separators, infusion and heart pumps, feeding pumps, contrast medium pumps and diagnostic systems.