air bubble detector / gas / for liquids



  • Detected entity:

    air bubble

  • Application:


  • Other characteristics:

    for liquids


The SONOCHECK ABD06 Series manufactured by SONOTEC is an air-bubble detector applicable for measurement chambers and fluid-filled tubes in detecting gas and air bubbles. This device is also used for the monitoring of liquids and wet/dry alarm notifications mostly in industrial applications.

The SONOCHECK ABD06 air-bubble detector is equipped with a contactless detector that enables the sensor be applicable for operations that needs hygienic and contamination-free conditions. It is capable of automatically adapting the changes in acoustic conditions. This device assures a high degree od measurement stability in the surrounding environments.

In addition, the SONOCHECK ABD06 air-bubble detector has a user-specific and programmable micro-controllers that functions for the response time. It is applicable for a wide range of applications like mixing, dispensing and metering systems, painting systems, surface refinement systems and etc.