Oil mist and fume extractor with pre and after-filtration
7 000 - 24 000 m³/h So.tec


This kind of filters, designed by following the same filtration technology as compact and supercompact filters, is proposed for a capacity from 1500 m3/h to a max of 15000 m3/h.
They can be supplied both on full version or on simplified version:

The minicompact full version is composed by a primary filter, where eventual metallic particles are separated from the flow and, by a secondary filter for submicronic particles elimination .
The minicompact S simplified version is composed only by the secondary filter. This is suitable only where solid or metallic particles dont exist in the flow.

These filters are suitable for many different applications (auto machine tools, machining automatic lines, metal extrusion, flexible and semi-rigid plastics with VOC high boiling emission).
Always the oil content inside the emission is lower than the value set by all current and relevant air pollution regulations.

After implantation they need no maintenance except filter elements changing.
Considering suction from auto machine tool and similar, it is possible to guarantee a five years filter working time without maintenance.

Larger capacity plants are designed according to the specific customers requirements.


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