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Oil mist extractor / with pre filtration and post filtration
Mini-Max series So.tec


  • Application :


  • Other characteristics:

    with pre filtration and post filtration

  • Flow rate:

    Min.: 500 m³/h (17657.33 ft³/h)

    Max.: 7000 m³/h (247202.66 ft³/h)


" The filter designed to last over time while ensuring complete respect for the environment"

In 1995, SO.TEC began developing coalescence technology for the filtration of oil fumes containing graphite produced by hot brass forging processes, and oil mists generated by various mechanical processes, and soon went on to install over 150 systems of medium to large dimensions (up to a single system capacity of 180.000m3/h) both in Italy and abroad.

The efficiency of separation of oil fumes and mists is extremely high, and is equal to:

99.99% for particle sizes greater than 1.0 micron;
99.00% for particle sizes greater than 0.5 microns;
95.00% for particle sizes greater than 0.2 microns;

Mini-Max - Technical Design

With its MINI-MAX series filters, SO.TEC even offers this efficient, reliable and durable technology for applications that require reduced suction capacities (from 500 to 7.000 m3/h per filter) and installation flexibility.

MINI-MAX filters normally have two filtration stages and can be equipped with a third stage in order to allow the air to recirculate within the work environment.


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