RTK receiver / digital / Bluetooth / GNSS
S660P South Surveying & Mapping Instrument Co., Ltd



  • Type:

    RTK, digital, Bluetooth, GNSS, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, GSM, satellite, UHF

  • Applications:

    for mining, for surveying

  • Interface Type:

    RS232, USB

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, multi-channel, with integrated antenna, dual-frequency, portable, plug-in


A5 platform, UI web server

Embedded Linux operating system and SOUTH intelligent cloud platform, S660P receiver is no more a simple and compact RTK receiver, now it is a complete intelligent operation system with web UI management platform.
The smart internal web UI management platform allows users to monitor working status of receiver and configure the equipment with the help of WIFI connection or USB connection to PC.

Intelligent storage ability

SOUTH S660P is equipped with 8GB Solid State Disk that make sure enough storage space for data collection, as well as to the stability of high data sampling rate.
The automatic circular storage performance can remove the primary data automatically once the memory is full, which makes sure instrument has enough space for next job.


The WiFi of S660P is not only able to be a wifi hotspot that allows users to connect it and access to the web UI management of S660P, but also can work as datalink that makes S660P have a quick connection to internet for corrections from CORS network.

Full satellite constellation support

Equipped with most advanced GNSS board, 220 channels and unmatched GNSS multi-constellation tracking performance, SOUTH S660P is able to track most signals from all kinds of running satellite constellations. And this compact device owns the ability of enable or disable constellation tracking .

Outstanding protection capability

This compact unit is built with magnesium alloy material to make sure it can work in extremely tough conditions like heavy rain, and the rubber ring can protect the instrument from dropping onto concrete.