vertical-line laser level / cross-line laser / magnetic / horizontal
AEL-288 South Surveying & Mapping Instrument Co., Ltd



  • Type:

    vertical-line laser, cross-line laser

  • Other characteristics:

    magnetic, horizontal, non-rotating


Self-Leveling Crossline Laser (4V 4H”)

●Electromechanical leveling

●Beam: 4 horizontal line and 4 vertical line, forming cross at wall and ceiling, plumb down-beam, with tangent screw

●Wave length: 635mm

●Operating temp: -10 °C~50 °C

●Leveling Accuracy: ±1mm/10m

●Vertical Accuracy: ±1mm/10m

●Working Range: Indoor, radius 10m:70m (with detector)

●Selt-leveling method: Magnetic damping system

●Compensation Range: ±3°

●Power: 4X1.5 V batteries

●Laser flashing and buzzing when self-leceling over range