WCDMA receiver / RTK / digital / wireless
GALAXY G6 South Surveying & Mapping Instrument Co., Ltd



  • Type:

    WCDMA, RTK, digital, wireless, GNSS, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, GSM, satellite, UHF

  • Applications:

    for mining, for surveying

  • Interface Type:

    RS232, TCP/IP, USB

  • Other characteristics:

    multi-channel, rugged, with integrated antenna, dual-frequency, plug-in


During the Multiple constellation age, SOUTH keep developing and optimizing the innovative products for customers, SOUTH Galaxy G6 RTK system adopts intelligent cloud platform as its new engine, to lead the development or smart RTK system.

●Intelligent cloud platform
●Intelligent data communication
●Tilt survey
●Intelligent storage technology
●Intelligent power supply technology (Optional)
●Radio Router
●Web UI management platform
●iVoice intelligent