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zinc hinge / concealed / constant-torque / screw-in
E6, ST series SOUTHCO



  • Material:


  • Type:

    concealed, constant-torque

  • Installation:


  • Opening angle:


  • Length:

    57.1 mm

  • Width:

    50.8 mm


The E6 / ST - Constant Torque Position Control Hinges are designed to remove any need for secondary components support. This series of hinges features zero backlash and drift for all dynamic loads and vibrations, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The range offers models in various sizes and torque ratings for custom load specifications.

The hinges are made with a robust, abrasion-resistant, satin chrome finish. Models are offered as well in different colors and finishes. The design allows for either rear, concealed mounting or through-hole mounting, and may have asymmetric torque to enable simpler lifting applications.