video corpo

steel hinge / concealed / cam / screw-in
F6 series SOUTHCO



  • Material:


  • Type:

    concealed, cam

  • Installation:


  • Opening angle:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Applications:

    door, for heavy loads

  • Length:

    126 mm

  • Width:

    28.5 mm

  • Thickness:

    12 mm


The SouthCo Concealed Door Removal Hinges F6 Series are high-quality units which deliver durable operational output, while still displaying an eye-drawing design. Some of its primary features include sturdy and heavy-duty metallic (hidden) hinges, spring-charged detachable and retractable pins (which come in various designs) and robust plastic easy-release hinge. It is available in its basic configurations (also called the 90X version), but, is also readily attainable in a stainless-steel, comprehensive version (known as the 94X variation) for a more enhanced overall performance.

Applications for the Concealed Door Removal Hinges F6 Series by SouthCo include construction equipment and industrial component operations, computer and electronic functions, food and furniture situations, medical industry purposes, networking industry applications, railway utilization, along with so many more.