PCI/PCI-X card transient recorder
12 Bit, 500 MS/s | M3i.3242 Spectrum Systementwicklung Microelectronic


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    PCI/PCI-X card


12 bit multi-purpose digitizer of Spectrum has 4 models. The unit is designed for the fastest and optimum quality data acquisition. It has 12 bit transient recorder and one channel with 500 MS/s. There are two channels with 250 MS/s. It features highest dynamic range and the available PCI interface is 32 Bit 66 MHz. PCI Express x1 interface is also available. It has almost 2 GSample memories. It has 6 input ranges between ±100 mV and ±5 V. The 50 Ohm/1 MOhm, AC/DC and selectable bandwidth filter software are its top characteristics.
The unit has automatic on-board calibration. The synchronization of the multi-board system is possible. M3i.32xx series has available four models that are designed for the data acquisition. Every input channel has its own monolithic A/D converter and an amplifier for easy and manual programming. It enables you to record the signals on the both channels at the same time with the help of 12 but resolution without any delay between the phases. It features extremely large on-bard memory, therefore you can do recording for a long time with the highest sampling rate. All boards of the M3i.32xx series are required to be installed.


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