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Solar cell testing machine / automatic
Spi-Cell Sorter™ Spire Solar


  • Test material:

    for solar cells

  • Other characteristics:



High-Throughput Automated Solar Cell Tester

The Spi-Cell Sorter™ sorts photovoltaic cells according to their electrical performance, tested under simulated sunlight. A pulsed xenon lamp with an optical filter provides a close match to the Air Mass 1.5 Global solar spectrum. The spectrum meets the highest International and ASTM specifications (ASTM E927 Class A). The system features automatic cell handling of coinstacked cells and sorts the tested cells into ten output bins.

A computer with user-friendly software adjusts the lamp intensity, controls the measurement process and cell handling, and acquires cell performance data. The data, as a full I-V curve, allows sorting by a variety of selectable criteria. The computer plots the I-V curve and displays a variety of cell characteristics. Curves and data can be printed and stored on disk.


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