pneumatic insertion machine / for threaded inserts
HP series SPIROL


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  • Product applications:

    for threaded inserts


The SPIROL Model Heat Insert Driver are designed to provide a correct and consistent technique to put in nearly any kind of Heat/Ultrasonic vogue Insert into thermoplastic assemblies. As much as 75% of the driver's capability is the direct results of how well it was put in. So as to maximize performance, all of the factors that impact installation should be rigorously controlled. SPIROL’s Model HP gas Heat Insert Driver has been improved to eliminate the dependency on the operator so as to regulate the factors of time, temperature and pressure to make sure that excellent flow of the plastic is achieved for optimum retention and performance. The operator puts on a plastic wrought component into a fixture, then places the insert into the hole of the plastic boss, in which the operator activates the machine by merely touching the dual opto-touch sensors.