Plastic part compression limiter


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    for plastic parts


Series CL800 Brass: The Series CL800 is machined from 360 brass. Similar to the CL600, the CL800 can be molded in or pressed into an assembly. The applications for SPIROL’s brass and aluminum Compression Limiters are very similar, however to accommodate the same class/grade bolt, the brass Limiters have a larger wall thickness due to the material’s lower yield strength. While this increases the size and weight of the Limiter as compared to the CL600, the thicker wall does provide more bearing surface for the mating component. The most common reason a designer may choose the CL800 is for those applications that require a shift away from aluminum on the galvanic series chart to make the Limiter more noble. The CL800 is rated for use up to ISO Class 10.9/Grade 8 bolts.


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