Thrust washer / round / metal


  • Type:


  • Configuration:


  • Material:


  • Internal diameter:

    6.35 mm

  • External diameter:

    203 mm


SPIROL Thrust Washers feature less wear and longer life for reduced serviceability costs. Thrust Washers look like many other washers, but are actually used in conjunction with bearings or in place of bearings, to create a wear surface. Similar to bearings, Thrust Washers are used in rotary assemblies to control axial or side-to-side motion, and keep the components aligned along the shaft or axle. They also provide a wear surface so as to preserve expensive castings, gears or other precision machined components.

Thrust Washers are typically subject to high heat and wear applications in industries such as heavy equipment, automotive, transmission, and industrial power generation. Because of this, a hardened material is recommended. Thrust Washers are hardened by two different methods to meet different application requirements:
• Through Hardened - the Thrust Washer is heat treated to provide a consistent hardness through the entire thickness of the washer.
• Case Hardened - the Thrust Washer has a softer, ductile core reducing the likelihood of fracturing.

SPIROL controls quality, lead time and cost by performing secondary operations in-house:
• Sizes ranging from .25" (6.35mm) minimum ID to 8" (203mm) OD
• Through Hardened.
• Case Hardened.
• Flatness - without grinding - can be held up to .0015 per inch (0.04 per millimeter).
• Grinding and lapping enables tighter flatness tolerances to be maintained.
• Deburring/micropolishing available to further enhance surface finish and edge condition
• Surface finishes to 8 µin (0.2 µm)
• Machining for tight tolerance diameters
• Tukon and hardness testing


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