epoxy vinylester resin / for bonding / high-performance



  • Type:

    epoxy vinylester

  • Applications:

    for bonding

  • Other characteristics:



Product descriptionVinylester styrene free chemical mortar for studs & rebarProduct promiseHigh performance chemical mortar suitable for stud & rebar in wet or flooded holesFeatures and benefits ETA Approved for female studs (M8 to M20) & male studs (M8 to M30) ETA Approved for rebar Ø8 to Ø32 mm Fast curing (40min at 20ºC) Cures in substrate temperature range -5ºC to 40ºC Suitable for wet, flooded holes & areas with high humidity Suitable in diamond drilled holes for rebar applications Adjustable hole embedment depth Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) rating A+ 16 months shelf life