shock data-logger / with LCD display / portable / multifunction
Leonova Infinity SPM Instrument



  • Measured quantity:


  • Display:

    with LCD display

  • Other characteristics:

    portable, multifunction, with connector


SPM has the organisation and the know-how to increase the availability and profitability of your production equipment. Knowing that your situation is special, we gave Leonova Infinity a comprehensive range of functions and developed a new system of financing condition monitoring.

The backbone of all proactive maintenance is up to date data on the machine status, obtained with two well-tested frontline techniques. Vibration severity monitoring according to ISO standards diagnoses general machine condition. Shock pulse monitoring with the True SPM® Method gives early warning of bearing deterioration, the most common cause of machine failures.

Root cause elimination is true preventive maintenance. A poorly aligned and balanced machine wastes much energy and wears itself out. Do not tolerate excessive noise, vibrations and failure rates. Leonova is a state of the art maintenance tool for fast and easy alignment and balancing.

Condition monitoring costs money for equipment, training and labour. With Leonova, you have a free choice of suitable instrument functions and how to pay for their use.