Tunnel oven for baking industry
Spooner Industries

Spooner industrial traveling ovens are currently operating in a diverse range of food processes all over the world, with some industrial tunnel ovens reported as still achieving maximum efficiency even though they are over 40 years old.

With a Spooner oven you get quality and a machine that is built to last.
Features of the Spooner baking oven include:

* Optimised heat transfer rates and nozzle designs
* Energy efficient designs
* Integral heat recovery to minimise running costs
* Radiant effect heating for enhanced flexibility
* Even temperatures across the oven to result in an even bake
* Rapid warm-up and quick temperature changes with direct-fired ovens
* No flash heat when there are gaps in production
* Fan location to suit space available (top or side mounted)
* Designed for ease of cleaning and maintenance, ensuring a hygienic, food safe environment
* Innovative access designs are available giving complete oven access
* Flexible, reliable and ease of process control


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