Full-cone nozzle / spraying
3/4" - 3" Spraying Systems Co.


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Spraying Systems Co. offers a variety of spray nozzles and other options to your spraying needs.

This specific spray nozzle is solid, cone-shaped, and its pattern is for round impact area. It has uniform distribution over a wide range of flow rates and pressures; with choices from medium to large drops. Its distinct vane design with large flow passages gives better control and even spray pattern. It has removable caps and vanes for stress-free inspection and cleaning. The removable vane has location marks to aid in proper positioning, especially after cleaning.

To avoid dislocation of the vane on the nozzle, due to vibration, set screws are provided in some models to secure the vane. The polypropylene material which makes the nozzle resistant to chemical and corrosion as well as to caking and build up. Right-angle wall-mounting options is available to maximize space, in addition to installation on room exterior, vessel or pipeline.


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Full cone nozzle