Full-cone spray nozzle
3/4 - 3" Spraying Systems

• Solid cone-shaped spray pattern with round impact area.
• Uniform distribution over a wide range of flow rates and pressures.
• Medium- to large-sized drops.
• Unique vane design with large flow passages provides superior control and
uniform distribution.
• Removable caps and vanes for easy inspection and cleaning on most models.
• Removable vane has location marks for proper positioning after cleaning.
• Set screws in some models secure the vane in the nozzle to prevent
dislocation caused by vibration.
• Polypropylene material option offers exceptional chemical and corrosion
resistance and resists caking and buildup.
• Wall-mounted options for installation on room exterior, vessel or pipeline.
• For installations with space limitations, right-angle mounting options allow for
mounting at a 90° angle.


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