machine tool vise / pneumatic / center-clamping / self-centering
PZS² Spreitzer GmbH & Co. KG - Präzisionswerkzeuge



  • Applications:

    for machine tools

  • Operation:


  • Other characteristics:

    center-clamping, self-centering, steel

  • Max. clamping force:

    Min.: 16,000 N

    Max.: 32,000 N


Due to the pneumatic operation of this centre-clamping vise series the clamping process can be shortened or completely automated by the use of industrial robots.

Advantages at a glance

Short clamping time
Usable for automation
High clamping accuracy
Assembly units upon request
Material: modified steel surface hardened
Functional surface precision grinded

Ground-in and clearance-free adjusted
base jaws
Centering accuracy ±0,005 mm
Repetition accuracy 0,003 mm
Pairing accuracy 0,01 mm