metal sorting magnetic bar
TRM-Bar™ mQRM-Bar™ and QRM-Bar™ Sputtering Components



  • Function:

    for metal sorting

  • Diameter:

    160 mm, 170 mm, 180 mm


SCI TRM-Bar™ and QRM-Bar™ magnetics give you the flexibility you need. Provided with encapsulated magnets, magnet assemblies are adaptable to fit your process requirements.

SCI advanced magnetic system features include:

Multiple magnetic designs to fit your application requirements
Advanced magnetics designed using 3D finit element analysis software
Carefully matched, hi-strength magnets that are factory calibrated using an automated magnet bar measurement tool
Fully encapuslated magnets and robust construction for many years of trouble-free operation
Long-life, multi-roller system for sputter up, sputter down, or off-angle sputtering
Magnetic uniformity adjustment can be done easily in the field
Simple installation procedure with solutions for vertical installations

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