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Hydraulic punching tool
HP series SPX Hydraulic Technologies


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There are over 360 items and 5600 specifications in the category of non-sparking tools. Are made of either beryllium copper alloy and aluminum bronze. The quality is great too as they are conform product specifications, JIS M7002-96 in Japan and GB 10686-89 in China. The design of the tools are brilliant because they don't spark fire while working in an explosive environment. Because of these features alone, these tools are ideally used in explosive atmosphere or flammable vapors. They are also widely used in several applications like oil and gas works, petro-chemical plants, explosive pipeline construction, armed forces, mines, shipyards, pharmacy and airports. Aluminum bronze alloy has a brinell hardness of 221-291, breaking 782 N/mm2~989 N/mm2, extensibility of δ≥5%, 8.10g/cm3 density and 1.2 magnetic. Beryllium copper alloy has a brinell hardness of 283-36, breaking 1117 N/mm2~1326 N/mm2, extensibility of δ≤1.0%, 8.60g/cm3 density and 0 magnetic. Integrated with non-sparking speed handle.


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