Digital ultrasonic level indicator
Fluid-Trac™ 55 SSI Technologies

Digital Fluid-Trac™ 55 Gallon Drum Liquid Level Gauge:

* Easy to install: Digital Fluid-Trac™ drum liquid level gauge has no components to protrude into the drum.
* Standard: Fits NPT openings (2” or ¾”)
* More Accurate: Accurate to 1 gallon with a resolution of +/- 0.5 gallon.
* More Reliable: No components to chemically corrode inside liquid media.
* Multiple Units: New Model can display in either gallons or liters.
* Chemical compatibility: Digital Fluid-Trac™ drum liquid level gauge works with a wide variety of media such as water, waste water, motor oil, hydraulic fluid and diesel fuel.


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