Plate heat exchanger / free flow
150 psi | Plateflow series Standard Xchange


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    free flow


Free-flow models have plate gaps ranging from 4.6mm to 12mm and can handle fluids with particulate pulp or fibrous materials up to 2mm in diameter and 5mm long. Freeflow models feature minimum metal-to-metal contact points betwen adjacent plates to reduce points for particles to catch. Free-flow models available in 4" to 12" connection sizes.

Plate and Frame heat exchangers use a combination of chevron-style heat transfer plates sequenced between a frame plate and pressure plate. The heat transfer plates have holes at the four corners forming a header that distribute the respective flows to the opposite sides of each plate when the plates align. The fluids are confined to the heat transfer surface of the plate or the port as appropriate with elastomer gaskets.

Materials: 304, 316 Stainless Steel and Titanium Plates. Gaskets in Nitrile, EPDM, high temperature EPDM and high temperature Nitrile.

Applications: For close temperature approach of fluids for heat recovery applications.Free-Flow feature is ideal for heat reclamation in pulp and paper or chemical processing, where wash water, white water, fibrous water slurries or high viscosity fluids are used. Free-flow units have the added benefit of exceptional clog-resistance for high-fiber or coarse-fiber applications.


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