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Some important characteristics of liquid level sensors or float-style sensors are it’s sensing points, stable buoyancy, specific gravity, and resistance to heat, oil, fuels and various other chemicals. These apply to both the magnetic float and stem. Many floats constructed of brass or various types of plastic have failed to fulfill the fundamental characteristics necessary in a liquid level sensor.

MEDER electronic is now providing a better level sensing solution with the use of a Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) float switch magnet. NBR Floats have excellent resistance to petroleum-derived liquids such as oil and gasoline and can also be used in high temperature applications. NBR is more compatible with these hostile conditions than our existing floats made of Polyamide (PA) and Polypropylene (PP), further expanding our liquid level sensors positive attributes as follows:

* Specialized actuator magnets depending upon the requirements
* Various float buoyancy levels
* Selective operate points for closing and opening
* A range of magnetic reed switch switching requirements relative to position
* A range of reed switch power switching requirements
* A full range of standard liquid level sensors for both horizontal and vertical mounting


* Automotive
* Aerospace
* Asset Management
* Electronic Equipment
* Farm Machinery and Equipment
* Food & Beverage Equipment
* Home Appliance
* Industrial Machinery
* Marine
* Recreational Vehicles
* Shipping & Logistics


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