High-voltage reed switch / high-power
KSK-1A85 Standex-Meder Electronics GmbH


  • Electrical characteristics:

    high-voltage, high-power


The KSK-1A85 is a high power reed switch and high voltage reed switch with glass length of 21.0mm and diameter of 2.75mm. Rated power 100 W, Switching voltage 1,000 VDC, Switching current 1 Amp DC. Most used, UL approval.


Overall Length mm (inches) 55.5 (2.185)
Glass Length Max. mm (inches) 21.0 (0.826)
Glass Dia. Max. mm (inches) 2.75 (0.108)
Lead Dia. mm (inches) 0.6 (0.023)
Contact Form 1A (SPST) Normally Open (N.O.)
Pull-In Range 15-55 AT
Rated Power Max. 100W/1,000VDC/1 Amp DC


Automotive, test and measurement (ATE), high power, high voltage


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