rectangular magnet / encapsulated / for reed sensor actuation
M02 Standex-Meder Electronics GmbH



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    for reed sensor actuation


The reed switches in sensing environment makes use of magnet for actuation. Sensors features operation in normal mode, normal closed mode and latching mode. In normally open mode when a magnet is brought closer to the Reed Switch (or vice versa), the reed blades close and up on withdrawing the magnet, the reed blades open. In normally closed sensor, a magnet brought close to the reed switch makes the reed blades open and withdrawing the magnet re-closes the reed blades.

In a latching mode the reed blades are either in open or closed state. A magnet brought close to the Reed Switch changes the state of the contacts. The contacts close if they are initially open and withdrawing the magnet makes the contacts to remain closed. The permanent magnet is sealed in robust housing with built-in convenient screw mounting. The open and closure points of the reed sensor depends on internal reed switch, its size, strength, position and movement of the permanent magnets.

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