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Crystal oscillator / electronic / with connector / rubidium crystal
PRS10 Stanford Research Systems


  • Type:


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    with connector, rubidium crystal

  • Electrical characteristics:

    low phase noise, frequency

  • Frequency:

    10 MHz


The SRS PRS10 Rubidium Oscillator boasts an ultra-low phase noise feature and a 10 MHz rubidium-disciplined crystal oscillator which is low enough to be used as the reference source for synthesizers. Best suited for communication, synchronization and instrumentation needs, this Rb oscillator is an impeccable component for network synchronization. To continue, the device is operated by disciplining a crystal oscillator to the hyperfine transition at 6.834,682,612 GHz in rubidium and has a GPS tracking as well as a Standard Interface Connector.


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