sack fabric weaving machine / circular
RX 8.0 Starlinger & Co.



  • Application:

    sack fabric

  • Other characteristics:



The Circular loom - RX 8.0 is an innovative product designed by Starlinger as the next generation of heavy duty fabric looms. It features a (1600 **)1700 - 2250 mm double-flat working width. It has a 800/700 ppm weft insertion. The Rx 8.0 exhibits 35 mm of Warp/weft core inside diameter and a 180 mm of Warp bobbin diameter (max.)

This unit showcases two versions which are the roll reed and sliding reed versions. This unit is designed to produce PP and HDPE tape fabric which are utilized for heavy-duty applications such as manufacturing FIBC's and tarpaulins as well as agrotextiles.