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Visualization software / data analysis


  • Function:

    visualization, data analysis


Data Mining with STATISTICA offers a wealth of options and techniques not available in competing products. These features can be critical to maximize ROI in a competitive environment.
STATISTICA Data Miner can be used by novices, and even offers automatic model builder and wizard-like "Data Miner Recipes," yet offers the most comprehensive selection of methods and techniques for experts to solve even the most complex problems
STATISTICA Data Miner is the most versatile data mining tool available, giving you all the right tools to gain critical business/process insights quickly, and to act on those insights (deploy) for instant ROI
STATISTICA Live Score®, an optional data mining tool, provides an efficient method of deploying data mining models.
STATISTICA Data Miner is optimized for use with large data files and with the latest version has been enhanced further to speed computation time and improve scalability and performance. The tools process extremely large data files efficiently by extensive use of multithreading. (see benchmark comparisons)


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