web-based data acquisition/analysis software



  • Function:

    web-based data acquisition/analysis


STATISTICA Enterprise Server is a highly scalable, enterprise-class, fully Web-enabled data analysis and database gateway application system that is built on distributed processing technology and fully supports multi-tier Client-Server architecture configurations. STATISTICA Enterprise Server exposes the analytic, query, reporting, and graphics functionality of STATISTICA through easy-to-use, interactive, standard Web or Windows client interfaces. It enables users of the desktop version (thick client) to offload computationally intensive analytics and database operations to the Server. It is offered as a complete, ready to install application with an interactive, Internet browser-based (point-and-click) user interface (thin client) that enables users to interactively create data sets, run analyses, and review output.

STATISTICA Enterprise Server is built using open architecture and includes .NET-compatible development kit tools (based entirely on industry standard syntax conventions such as VB Script, C++/C#, HTML, Java, and XML) that enable IT department personnel to customize all main components of the system or expand it by building on its foundations, for example, by adding new components and/or company-specific analytic or database facilities.