Lipped seal / O-ring / NBR / elastomeric


  • Type:

    lipped, O-ring

  • Material:

    NBR, elastomeric


O-Rings of the O-RING series are used as elastomeric sealings for selected male threaded studs and for various other sealing purposes (such as weld cones, flared cone adaptors, banjo bolts

Used for male studs according to ISO 6149-2/-3 / ports according to ISO 6149-1
Used for male studs according to ISO 11926-2/-3 / ports according to ISO 11926-1
Used for fittings with 24° taper (DKO) and 24° weld cones
Used for 24°/37° flared cone adaptors
Used for banjo bolts of banjo fittings
Standard seal material is NBR (Buna-N®), consult STAUFF for alternative materials


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