ultrasonic cleaning machine / automated / for medical applications / with conveyor
TW 3000/3 /4 /5 Steelco



  • Technology:


  • Operational mode:


  • Field:

    for medical applications

  • Other characteristics:

    with conveyor, with dryer, with desinfection


These multi chamber compartment washing disinfection systems are specially designed for processing departments with a high rate of medical devices and utensils in restriced space.

The independent chambers improve throughput by processing multiple cycles simultaneously.

Modular flexibility

The system can be configured from 3 up to 5 chambers, depending on throughput requirements.
On request, extra modules can be added after installation to adapt TW 3000 to new future needs.

TW 3000/3
3 stages example
1 Loading conveyor
2 Washing chamber
3 Disinfection chamber
4 Drying chamber
5 Unloading conveyor

TW 3000/4
4 stages example
1 Loading conveyor
2 Washing chamber
3 Ultrasonic chamber
4 Disinfection chamber
5 Drying chamber
6 Unloading conveyor