Plasma cutting machine / CNC / hand-held
0 - 4000 mm/min, 200W | SteelTailor™ Power II SteelTailor

1.Basic nesting software for free
2.Flame/Plasma automatic sensing THC
3.110v or 220v auto switch Flame feature optimized Better quality in components, longer service life.
4.Default configuration

SteelTailor™ Power II Series Portable Cutting Machine
6 years after its first launch, Power series is still the best seller among SteelTailor product family. There are over 2000 SteelTailor Power machines working in different corner of the world. Power II is developed on the understanding of users comments and requests. Power II is more handy, more reliable and durable. Please consult your local distributor for more information.
Oxy-Fuel cutting feature upgraded
1. The gas tube is laid outside the cross-beam, makes maintenance easy.
Practical plasma cable support frame.
Pre-heat Oxygen is CNC controlled. Easy operation, Non-stop cutting.
Advanced Stability
X-axis drive mode is optimized for SteelTailor Power. The introduction of guiding rail in the x-axis of the machine, enables a more stable movement of the crossbeam and avoids the cutting head from declining.
Guiding System of the Cross Beam
Cutting HeadDoes Not Decline
Bigger Cutting Area
Max. Cutting Area:1.56M × 15.00M ( 5.12 X 49.21 )
95~250 V Voltage Range
Power II is adaptable to all the civil power supply all over the world.
Better quality electronic component, longer service life.
1、We invest our time and money to produce reliable and durable machines. Small components such as quick connectors and switches are also in our concern.
2、2 years warranty
Easier Maintenance
Check up and maintenanceof the controller can be done simply by removing the top cover
Top Cover


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