steel cutting machine / plasma / CNC / compact
SmartII SteelTailor



  • Material:

    for steel

  • Technology:


  • Control type:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, portable, economical, double-driver

  • X travel:


  • Y travel:


  • Cutting speed:

    Max.: 6000 mm/min (3.94 in/s)

    Min.: 0 mm/min (0 in/s)


The SteelTailor™ SmartII is a plasma cutting machine that is characterized by its compact and cost-effective structure. It is an easily assembled and operated machine requiring little to no maintenance. This plasma cutting machine is capable of operating a maximum of 24-hours. The Smart II is characterized by its weight of 240kg compared to standard table CNCs that weigh 1500kg.

It is integrated with a dual longitudinal drive while conventional CNC tables have only one. This machine possesses a cutting speed of 0 to 6000 mm/minute and can cut through a plasma mode. Its longitudinal rack measures 1640 mm and its cross beam is 2940 mm in length. This plasma cutting machine is equipped with an LED display that measures 7 inches.