metal cutting machine / plasma / sheet metal / CNC
Legend Plus-E SteelTailor



  • Material:

    for metal

  • Technology:


  • Product handled:

    sheet metal

  • Control type:


  • Associated function:


  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, high-precision, bridge, economical, double-driver

  • X travel:


  • Y travel:


  • Cutting speed:

    Min.: 0 mm/min (0 in/s)

    Max.: 4000 mm/min (2.62 in/s)


Yeah!Legend Plus-E Economical Table CNC plasma cutting and drilling machine!
Legend Plus Economical Solutions for Cutting and Drilling Process
Functions:Plasma Cutting + Drill Cutting
Cutting and Drilling, Better Competitiveness!
High-precision Cutting
Input error of reducer system is only 16 arcs -- guarantees the controlling precision.
Gap automatic compensation device is added to driving structure -- guarantees the running precision.
Automatic Arc Voltage THC system -- always guarantees the best condition of plasma cutting.
Annealing treatment after welding process, guarantees a long-term no-deformation of the whole machine.
Practical Drilling Function
Tool feed and rotation work at the same time, easily dealing with the thin and soft materials.
Max 12mm driller, long stroke, wide application.
More durable
Heavy anti-collision torch lifting, protect the torch from damage.
Black oxide, electroplating and abrasive blasting finish; multiple anti-corrosive treatment for the whole machine.
Anti-interference Circuit
All of the signal circuits and power lines are designed according to the anti-interference standard, ensuring long-term operation without interference.
Powerful Expert Version Nesting Software
Drawing system, cutting path system, nesting system and calibration system.