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Power-s SteelTailor



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SteelTailor Power-s portable CNC cutting machine on sales

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Input Power 180W
Total Machine Weight 70.5kg
Cutting Thickness (Flame) 5-150mm
(Plasma)Subject to plasma soure
Effective Cutting Range Standard size: X:1200mm,Y:2000mm,if requested, it could be customized with width 1.5m/1.8m, length 3m/4m/5m/...15m(max)
Modes of Cutting Flame or Plasma
Combustive Gas Oxygen
Combustive Gas Pressure Max:1.5MPa
Cutting Speed 0-600mm/min(Flame),0-6000mm/min(Plasma)
Electric Power 220V AC/110V AC,60/50Hz
Torch Height Control Automatic
Cutting Software
IBE cncCUT Basic version ;FastCAM Standard version (optional);Hypertherm Nest Master Basic version (optional)

Notes: Please contact your sales manager for detailed information

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