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CNC cutting machine / for steel / plasma / flame
POWER-ET SteelTailor



  • Material:

    for steel

  • Technology:

    plasma, flame

  • Product handled:

    for tubes

  • Control type:



SteelTailor POWER-ET CNC plate and tube cutting machine

Both for metal plate & tube cutting!
Support plasma and flame cutting!
Supports nesting!

POWER-ET is an economical, simple cnc tube and plate cutting machine. The advantage of POWER-ET is that it integrates horizontal, vertical, and rotary tube functions. At the same time, it is equipped with plane nesting software and tube nesting software. Both plane cutting and tube cutting can be performed using nesting software. The operation is very simple. Compared to traditional machines, POWER-ET improves work efficiency and saves time for you.

SteelTailor POWER-ET CNC plate and tube cutting machine also has the advantages of belwo:
1.Easy for maintenance
2.High quality components and external ports
3.Servo motor improves cutting efficiency
4.High quality built-in THC system

Technical Parameters:
Power supply - 1.5KW,220V/110V,50HZ
Cutting mode - Flame or plasma
Effective cutting width - 1500mm
Effective cutting length -3000mm(can be added to 6000mm)
Effective diameter cutting - Φ60mm-300mm(can be added to 650mm)
Moving speed - 0~4000mm/min
Cutting speed- 0~4000mm/min
Cutting thickness - For tube cutting: Wall thickness:≤8mm
For plate cutting:(Flame) 5 – 150 mm (Plasma) Depends on plasma power source
Torch lift distance - 100mm
Positioning precision - ±0.3mm/10M
Repeatability - ±0.4mm/10M
Cutting material type - Carbon steel\stainless steel\aluminum
Controller- SteelTailor (Controller integrated THC)
Cutting software - FastCAM Prof. Portable;FreePIPE nesting software
Machine Support frame - Optional