natural convection resistance heater / anodized aluminum / for hazardous locations / explosion-proof



  • Type:

    natural convection

  • Material:

    anodized aluminum

  • Other characteristics:

    for hazardous locations, explosion-proof, for electrical cabinets

  • Maximum temperature:

    85 °C (185 °F)

  • Power:

    50 W, 100 W (0.07 hp)


Our CREx 020 series of enclosure heaters with heating capacities from 50 W to 250 W are suitable for Zone 1 Gas atmospheres and Zone 21 Dust atmospheres. The CREx 020 heaters have a minimal width and are ideal for standard enclosure heating applications. The overall product size is perfectly matched to the heating output allowing for a size that is only as big as absolutely necessary.